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An index to pages about projects I have worked on, things I have made and things that interest me.

New, the nautilus propeller project.

New, Laser cutter stuff

New, wire EDM project

New, bike trailer


My blogg: A log of what I am up to and a place for me to store good links and ideas. Get your own blogg from

Models and Related:

10" Radio controlled Buzzard, a work in progress

12", 17g Electric RC Ornithopter: An all carbon "custom built" flapping flyer

Milled spitfire fuselage: When CNC and foam meet!! (now with rotary effectiveness!)

Making a prop mould

Tiny Helicopter, a rubber powered 3" machine:

A propeller master for a 1/32nd scale Nautilus submarine:


My latest project is to build a micro wire EDM machine:

An older project still ongoing is my laser cutter, I bought a bloody great laser you see:

Learn a bit about parallel kinematic machines and how YOU can control one with hobby CNC programs and high school mathematics.

Here is my CNC milling machine. I converted the tiny Proxxon MF70.

Here is the digitizer probe I made for it and on it.

Here is the 4th axis attachment I made for it. I have not used it much in anger, but did some swanky engraving and a sphere.

Here is the 5th axis attachment I made (as yet unused, oh the shame)

Here is a page where you can download an old but excellent Russian book on EDM (electrical discharge machining)

Here is my attempt at ultra simple low cost ECM (Electrochemical machining) loads of potential for this technique.


I like making things from carbon fibre, it always looks cool and for small parts it is cheap, light and strong. Only the two part pull though method could be called mine, the others were inspired by various modellers. In fact so was that one, oh well there is nothing new in this world anyway.

Pull through method

Squashed in a mould method


A homemade trailer for my bike

Especially Good Links:

Indoor and micro Forum The best micro forum around

Inside Story A column on the Ezone I edit (or try to)

CNC zone: Friendly forum on CNC, too many sections but good.

CAD_CAM_EDM_DRO : A Yahoo group (but don't hold it against it) with lots of very knowledgeable types on it, a little scary for noobs but good.. Covers CNC, CAM, EDM and DRO!!



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